Our Services

    • Payroll Specialist – Run Payrolls (Including Certified Payrolls)
    • Counsel and Implementation for Setting Up Corporations/Other Legal Business Entities, Obtaining Business Licenses
    • Manage Accounts Payable
    • Quarterly & Year End Taxes (Work Directly with CPA Partners to Produce IRS Returns)
    • Administer Audits (Insurance and Government)
    • Track Distributions and Pay Taxes
    • Agent Relationship (Handle All Business and Government Inquiries)
    • Big Picture Small-Business Advice – Analyzing Your Ideas from All Angles to Avoid Any Business Landmines
  • We Understand Your Needs

    As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you are pulled in a million different directions each day. You became your own boss, knowing that it would take hard work and discipline, yet you were also drawn to the sense of freedom associated with being a business owner.  So why do you feel as though the business is running you instead of you running the business?

    Administrative Concepts understands that every small business has a unique path to success—or failure.  Over the last twenty-five years, we have provided individualized solutions to help our clients’ businesses grow. We take administrative tasks off your plate, so you can focus on the aspects of your business that you truly love.

  • Why Administrative Concepts?

    Imagine a small business development partner who understands your growth plan and the specific nuances of your business, who will handle your payroll, accounts payable, bookkeeping, and taxes.  What if they also understood your personal goals (work/life balance, travel, more time with family, etc.) and incorporated them into your personalized small business plan?  Whether you’re an entrepreneur in the initial stages, who needs an expert to guide you through the checklist for starting a business, or you’re a current business owner in need of a payroll specialist who also understands the needs of entrepreneurs, Administrative Concepts is your partner in small business success.

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    Making Life Less Taxing
    for the


    Do you think it’s impossible to receive a refund check? (It’s not.) Are you in debt to the IRS every year? (You don’t have to be.) Are you constantly behind on paying your quarterly taxes? (You can eliminate this stress.)

    Most small-business owners rack up hours of worry and unproductivity due to the financial, legal and taxation side of their businesses. To efficiently serve your needs and ease your mind, we use our own specially customized, highly efficient software system to manage all your business’s financial data. Our software lets us know whether you are ahead or behind on your taxes, ensuring no major surprises at the end of the quarter or tax year.

And tracking taxes is just one of the many ways our computer system enables us to serve you better. It also makes payroll an easy, efficient process. You simply need to keep us apprised of your income and expenses and the software does the rest.

Our computer system has been creatively tailored for small businesses, using the best technology to meet your needs. You can be assured that your financial and personal information is completely confidential and is kept safe using sophisticated security.

Questions about how our system works? Contact us today and we’ll gladly walk you through the process.